Can You Shower Without Power? (Find Out Now!)

A hot shower improves blood circulation, lowers blood sugar, and enables you to fall asleep faster, contributing to a healthy being. Hot showers are possible when there is enough power supply in the house. But what if there’s no power to heat the water? Can you still take a hot shower when there’s an outage?

The answer is yes and no, depending on various things. No power doesn’t mean you can’t have a hot shower. If you have a gas-powered water heater with a standing pilot, you’ll have a hot water supply without power. However, electric water heaters won’t produce hot water when there is a blackout because they depend on electricity to work. 

In instances where you have a tanked water heater, you can have a hot water supply for a while before the water cools down. But for a tankless one, you won’t have a hot water supply as soon as the power goes off.

This article explains everything that happens when the power goes out as far as your need for hot water is concerned. 

Does Hot Water Work When Power Is Out?

The type of water heater you have and its fuel source determine whether the hot water will work or not when the power is out. It’s important to know the difference between the various types of water heaters installed in your home.

Knowing this can be beneficial during power outages. This is because different models behave differently when there is no power. Some will work, as usual, giving you hot water, while others were wont.

But we’ll help you understand this by looking at each type of water heater and how they work.

Types Of Water Heater and How They Work Without Power

There are different types of water heaters for home use. Here are the popular types:

Gas Conventional Water Heater

If you have a standard upright hot water tank with gas-powered heaters and continuous pilot lights. However, if it’s a conventional tank-style water heater that’s electricity powered, hot water will stop working when power is out.

But the water that has been heated before the power outage will remain hot for some time before it cools. This is if the water is stored in an insulated tank. It’s advisable to turn off the water supply and power to the tank during the outage to help keep the hot water hot and let it last for days.

Tankless Electric Water Heaters

The tankless water heaters will not give you hot water during a power outage. It doesn’t have a tank where it can store water. The heater works only when power is on. So, when there is no power, or you turn off the water source, it won’t heat up.

Gas Tankless Water Heater

This type of heater gets powered by a gas line. It does have a tank that stores water which becomes helpful during a blackout. You will have a hot water supply in the tank until it gets over and runs cold.

Electric Water Heater

Unlike the gas-powered heater, the electric water heater depends on electricity. It has a tank and supplies hot water until the stored hot water finishes. The water can usually serve you for days before running out.

Do You Need Electricity for Hot Water?

The answer for this is a yes and a no. a yes because some water heaters depend on electricity to heat water. The electric on-demand water heater relies fully on electricity to produce hot water. It will not provide hot water when there is no power.

However, the gas-on-demand water heater may work during a power outage. It will work if a pilot-controlled gas heater depends on the pilot light to heat the water. If it’s an electric-controlled gas water heater that relies on electricity to ignite the heating system, it won’t heat the water.

But the electric-controlled gas heaters with a water tank that stores hot water can produce hot water. So, if you have no electricity, you can rely on the stored water for a hot shower. If a tankless water heater fully relies on electricity to supply hot water, you’ll not have a hot shower. Since it’s tankless, it instantly generates hot water and can’t store it.

How Long Will the Water Stay Hot in The Water Heater Without Power?

Whenever there is a power outage, you will be worried because most equipment in the house depends on electricity. The water heater is one device that relies on power to produce hot water for the shower. 

So, if there is no power, your water heater may not have hot water. But your tank will determine how long the hot water stays in the heater. If you have an inexpensive uninsulated tank, the hot water will remain hot for about 40-30 minutes.

However, If you have an insulated tank or cover the tank when the power goes out, it can take 2 to 3 days while hot. But the water that has been heated before the power outage will remain hot for some time before it cools. This is if your tank is insulated. It’s advisable to turn off the water supply and power to the tank during the outage to help keep the hot water hot and let it last for days.

 The other factors that determine hours hot water will remain hot are;

  • The size of the tank also determines how long the water will stay.
  • The exterior temperature will also cool the water affecting how long it stays hot.
  • Additionally, the temperature of the hot water immediately the power goes.

Bottom Line

If your body reacts to cold water or you have an underlying health condition like heart disease, taking a cold shower will be a real challenge. The cold water can stress your heart, causing an irregular heartbeat. This can make you worried when there is a power outage. 

You should consider getting a gas-powered water heater if you leave in areas with frequent power outages. This way, you’ll always have water for your shower needs.

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