Sika Post Fix (Pros and Cons)

You need to fence around your home for security purposes and create boundaries. When fencing with posts, it’s best to use high-quality ones that last longer. Sika Post Fix is the most commonly used Fence Post Fix.

Sika Post Fix is a type of expanding foam that’s two-part with polyurethane resin. It’s strong, water-resistant, easy to install, and cheap. However, it will limit you as it has less structural strength and is not reusable. 

So, if you plan to use sika posts fix, it’s best to know the pros and cons before time to help you plan better. Read below to find out more about these fencing posts.

Sika Post Fix Vs Concrete


Sika Post Fix has been in use since the 1950s, while concrete in the mid-1820s. The two fencing materials have unique features that set each apart. Here’s an in-depth comparison of them;

Understanding Sika Post Fix 

Sika post is one of the expanding foams you can use to fence or make signposts. When installing it, you need to roll, cut, and pour it into the hole. After about three minutes sika post will have fully settled, foaming a durable and moist resistant fence.

The Sika Post Fix can also protect the base of your fence post, withstand the adverse climate, and doesn’t require additives for it.

Sika Post Features

  • It’s an expandable foam; Sika Post Fix can expand 15 times its original size, making it an effective method to use.  
  • It’s easy to use; Sika Post Fix is an easy-to-use expanding foam that requires about 3 minutes to set. You should mix the substance in the bag and then apply it to become hard.
  • It offers extra support; Because of its flexibility, the Sika Post Fix will fill the underneath cavity making your fence more secure.

Pros Of Sika Post Fix

  • It takes about 15 seconds to mix
  • It can work at cold temperatures without needing additives
  • It’s easy to apply/use
  • It doesn’t require water for mixing
  • It has higher tensile strength and is water-resistant
  • It takes 3 minutes to set
  • It doesn’t require special tools
  • It will protect and seal beneath the post, making it durable

Cons of Sika Post Fix

  • It’s for lightweight posts, so it can easily get destroyed
  • It requires you to use several bags when fixing a bigger hole
  • It’s not reusable
  • It should be used on a compact and stable ground to give the best results.

Understanding Concrete

Concrete is a popular way of fencing the compound, which is attributed to its strength. It’s a durable fencing option and ensures your fence posts are secure. However, you have to wait for about 20-40 minutes for the concrete to set.

Features Of Concrete

  • Requires reinforcement; When you’re installing a post, you’ve got to reinforce it with concrete below the surface to allow it to withstand strong winds.
  • It needs mixing of concrete; You should mix concrete with water before applying it to the hole. But you can also put dry concrete in the hole, add water, and allow it to dry.

Pros Of Concrete

  • It has better structural strength allowing it to withstand heavy loads, making it ideal for use in driveways
  • It offers you room to do repairs on minor errors
  • It’s reusable
  • It’s cheaper than sika post fix
  • It’s easy to get the repair materials

Cons Of Concrete

  • It takes longer to cure
  • It’s prone to crack
  • It’s heavier than sika post fix

Sika Post Fix Vs. Concrete: Which Is Better?

Sika post is a better pick if you don’t want to do a lot of work like mixing concrete and waiting for as long as it dries. Sika Post Fix is also more environmentally friendly than concrete as it doesn’t contaminate the soil. Also, the Sika Post Fix can’t withstand high load capacity limiting its use in areas like the driveway.  

Concrete is a good pick if you’re looking for a cheaper option. You will spend more when buying a Sika Post Fix, and also, finding the repair products isn’t easy if it gets spoilt. Concrete doesn’t create uniform consistency, which can interfere with the quality of your posts.

If you’re keen on this comparison, you’ll realize there is no better pick than the other as each has its unique feature that makes each stand out. So, it’s upon the user to decide what fits their needs and go for it.

Can You Use Sika Post Fix in The Rain?

Yes, Sika Post Fix is hydrophobic, so it’ll repel water as you fix it in the rain. After it cures, it will also form a water-resistant layer making it last. However, it’s advisable to use a Sika Post Fix when the hole is dry. So, if it’s raining, allow the rain to seize, then give the hole some time to dry off completely. But manufacturers recommend using Sika Post Fix on a dry day to get the best results.

Can You Use Sika Post in Cold Weather?

Yes, Sika Post Fix is not so dependent on temperature, which is unlike concrete. But if you’re using the sika foam in cold weather, you need to be prepared and have everything set before installing it. This is because it doesn’t give room for fixing errors once you’re done fixing the post. You can use it in cold weather without additives.

How Long Does Sika Post Fix Last?

It will last longer as it’s very durable. It doesn’t break easily and can withstand adverse weather conditions. But how you maintain the Sika Post Fix will determine how long they’ll last.

Bottom Line

Sika Post Fix is a better way of fixing posts when fencing your compound without waiting long for it to cure. It is easy to install, can withstand adverse weather conditions, and is safe to use on the soil. 

However, it tends to be more expensive than concrete and limits the kind of posts you can use as it’s lightweight. The best thing about Sika Post Fix is it doesn’t require special tools to install and is water-resistant. 

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